A premium project at the pristine location of Whitefield, Bangalore

Godrej Splendour / A premium project at the pristine location of Whitefield, Bangalore


What makes Bangalore stand out from other destinations when it comes to investment in real estate. Dissecting it because of its expanding labor market, updated social infrastructure, and uncompromising weather. The undisputed city is a world-renowned global metropolis with a high accumulation of IT/ITes companies. Awarded as Asia’s top 10 cross-border investment cities in real estate it showcases unparalleled macroeconomics efficacy and stability. Corporate offices of MNCs have been growing like wildflowers in the city.

Prospect of East Bangalore:

Bangalore city's futures market for real estate is the periphery of Eastern Bangalore with so many growth prospects. The investment opportunities at the location are only meant to bring profits and the highest return. IT professionals are sweeping into East Bangalore and this window is open by the employment opportunities created by the existing International corporations. The social amenities at the sites are wholesome and home to various business spaces with a blissful community. Moreover, there are already majestic and modern apartments already constructed and ready to move on the Eastern side of Bangalore.

The most anticipated area in East Bangalore is the Whitefield location; it allows the poshest living. With not just only global companies already arrived there is also a large accumulation of residential development all prepared to host the working professionals. Furthermore, the locale hosts the city’s best IT parks attracting more residents than ever. Metro connectivity has also reached the sites with the purple Metro Line supporting the area's smooth connectivity.

Highlights of Whitefield location:

As aforementioned Whitefield has already nested tremendous counts of International corporations and IT firms the location is mapped to be the next big thing. Also, swamped with startups it is a capital technology hub since there are international Tech Park, ITPL, and more. Witness globally renowned companies in the area such as Oracle, IBM, and IGATE and planning to expand more. This one is the reason investing or buying a home in Whitefield is worth considering.

The background of Whitefield traced back to the 1990s IT boom in Bangalore. The location has been historically moved from an Anglo-Indian village to Bangalore’s biggest suburb for real estate development. Once an outskirt with years of quaint settlement now after the IT outburst it reshaped itself as the most anticipated suburb in the city. Now Whitefield stands as a brand that speaks for itself, pooling in a lot of corporate giants that are helping to transform the city. And lastly, it has emerged as the ideal destination for premium housing development with scope for a bigger investment.

Whitefield has reached the mark to be the quintessential region and is flourishing with major infrastructural development. It carries all weight of perfect medical care, educational facilities, shopping arena, and recreational zones. Being the hub for all entertainment activities, visit the Phoenix Market City for an outgoing day. Well, when it comes to the connectivity spectrum it is glued by the HAL old airport road, NICE ORR, and many more. When one is relocated there the commute is smoother than a car ride since the location is linked by buses and metros to all parts of the city. Two main roads that the location of Whitefield and Bangalore are connected by road are the Whitefield Road and Varthur Road.

Godrej Splendour project:

Without a doubt, it is a high investment returning to cash in the periphery of Bangalore and this is true with the project Godrej Splendour by Godrej Properties. A premium project at Whitefield that meets the demand for a modern and futuristic home. The floor plans of the project are elegant and luxurious 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3 BHK apartments.

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