Is real estate a good investment?

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The real estate sector in India is growing and expanding at a very higher pace, as it is always a safe, well-income generating, and growing sector that is seen to contribute to the GDP of the nation much more than any other activity except agriculture.

Cities are growing and are modernizing their infrastructural contents, as well as the IT sector establishment leads to more space and scope for the businesses to grow and flourish, which will in turn lead to having more demand for real estate by the migrators, and the investors will see a good sum of profit thereby.

Governmental policies and how it affects real estate?

The government wants every person to have a roof on the top of their heads, that is why several policies have been launched with the initiative of providing affordable homes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

The government thinks and states that the people who are looking for shifting to their own homes and leave to live on rent, should find home loans with compensating terms and conditions to not put too much effort into them. These policies have boosted the demand for real estate in the market and are a market booster without any second thought.

Foreign Direct Investment

Real estate in India seeing a bearish period in which every single state is the observatory of the increasing technological advancements, an inflow of more and more resources to the country as well as the GDP is seeing an uplifting state with no doubt.

This is the result of the investments made by foreign customers who are being attracted and influenced by the positively upgoing real estate market in India. The increase in the price of the real estate market was about 1.47 billion US dollars in January and March 2019. This has led to the reach of 100 % capability of investment in other massive projects considering real estate as its base initiative.

Increasing demand

The demand for real estate investment is increasing at a very high pace, the demographics are a major contributor to the increasing demand, and the population is increasing as a result more houses and apartments are in demand. Urbanization of the areas is also a major contributor, the report as the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%, shows that the population has a rapid growth of increasing.

Current Real Estate Scenario

The real estate market is growing and the market has the uplifting in the market at a higher rate. The market sees the development and sudden upliftment due to the upcoming new and forming nuclear families, joint families, and students living in a part to study.

The families are watching to see new houses, and the disposable incomes are a major function in the increasing demand of the new households.


The market of real estate is one of the highest growing sectors due to the numerous features contributing to the upliftment and its growing demand worldwide, the market is on the rise and it is quite a profitable deed for the investors and the buyers too, as they see a profitable deal in doing so, and earning a quite well-maintained income in the future.

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